Financial year 2020/2021

The financial year began with a high degree of uncertainty and a significant drop in demand affected by the current coronavirus pandemic. However, already in August, the market began to recover at the same time as new projects have begun and order intake turned upwards. This has resulted in the year ending with an increase in sales of approximately 16 % compared with the previous year, three record months and a continued strong financial position.

These factors allow us to continue to focus on the development and efficiency of the company. Among other things, a major investment in a new computerized multilayer cutting system was made during the year to meet the growing demand and strengthen the company’s production resources and flexibility.

In other areas, targets have also been successfully accomplished. Regarding quality, the number of customer complaints fell by about 54 % and staff turnover halved over the year.

Behind the excellent numbers there were several main challenges that Be-Ge Baltic had to face during the previous financial year: increased health risks, material delivery delays, a significant increase in material prices and delays in production. However, thanks to our experienced and dedicated staff, strong team spirit and close cooperation with our customers, the company was able to cope with these difficulties. Our latest customer satisfaction survey demonstrates that. According to its results, the overall customer satisfaction reaches even 95 %.

We thank all our customers, suppliers and partners as well as our employees and the Groups’ colleagues for a successful and rewarding collaboration!

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