Industrial sewing

The largest business field of Be-Ge Baltic UAB is industrial sewing. The company specializes in sewing of rougher types of textiles used for manufacturing truck, bus, train, boat, office and surveillance chairs, auditorium chairs, wheelchairs as well as for upholstered furniture and other industrial products.

Industrial sewing is our largest business field

Sophisticated machinery and equipment stock

Be-Ge Baltic UAB possess sophisticated machinery and equipment stock: the sewing machines that utilize double or triple feeding where laminated textiles, vinyl, leather and other similar rough materials can be sewn, industrial overlock sewing machines, different two needle sewing machines, post-bed sewing machines, chain-stitch machinery, machinery with edging and other customized machinery by famous brands (Mauser Spezial, Pegasus, Unicorn, Dürkopp Adler, Pfaff, Juki and other), which allows the company to offer a wide selection of cost effective sewing services.

siuvimas/ sömnad/ sewing / pramoninis siuvimas/ industriell sömnad/ industrial sewing

Large production capacity

Based on large production capacity, the company is in position to produce both smaller specialized lots and large cost effective consignments. The selected relevant production method is directly related to the customer’s needs and wishes. Often the finished product must include more components in addition to sewing. The company makes all the components of the customer’s solution into the end product ready for delivery and use.

siuvimas/ sömnad/ sewing / pramoninis siuvimas/ industriell sömnad/ industrial sewing
siuvimas/ sömnad/ sewing / pramoninis siuvimas/ industriell sömnad/ industrial sewing

Recruit professionally trained employees

The company cooperates with Klaipeda Technology Training School which makes it possible for the company to recruit professionally trained employees. At the moment, the company employs the staff of 56 professionally trained seamstresses whose experience and knowledge allows the company to offer sewing services of the highest standards.

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