Unlimited structural development

Process control and standardized production is a condition for working stable and efficiently to produce a sustainable chair that should be comfortable and safe for consumer.

Clear and well thought out standards provide continuity and ensure quality with environmental thinking throughout the whole flow from the purchase, construction, cutting, sewing, upholstery, assembly to deliveries and lead to a good final product. Changes those are inevitable in order to adapt to the new needs and continue working effectively, require a constant monitoring of existing routines and processes and standardisation of the taken actions. There is no limit to the changes and development and we just need to get them in the right direction and structure. Both the internal reviews of each process and external audits of the application of the standards is a helpful tool to drive the activities to the right direction and achieve successful sustainable results.

Our activities including cutting, sewing, upholstery and assembly have passed the recent audit by DNV-GL and the compliance with the quality management system standard ISO 9001 and environmental management standard ISO 14001 has been confirmed.

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