The inauguration of Be-Ge Baltic’s new factory

On 20th October, Be-Ge Baltic had an inauguration of a new factory. MD Vaida Vaicaitiene and Be-Ge’s CEO Erland Persson welcomed international and local guests: customers and suppliers from Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, representatives of local authorities and organizations. On the factory tour the guests got a direct insight into the production flow with all used hard and soft technologies.

During Be-Ge’s 10-year ownership since 2006, the company has had an expansive growth and moved for the third time to the larger premises, to a new and modern factory. The total area is now 3800 square meters and the total investment is approximately EUR 2.8 million.

The newly built factory means doubled spaces for production, storage and administrative activities. In connection with the building the company has invested in the advanced technologies, such as Eton system, and improved working environment for employees. Due to more efficient logistics and production the company may increase both production rates and volumes to customers.


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