The final project meeting

The final meeting and the conference was held 8-9 May 2014 in Klaipeda Dressmaking and services business school to review the activities and results of Leonardo da Vinci partnership project “A Way Towards Effective Vocational Training of Deaf/ Hearing Impaired People”. The different experiences and knowledge have been summarised in the Recommendations, aimed to improve competences of teachers, working with deaf/hearing impaired persons, on the basis of international experience.

After the conference, Charles Kejeh, a project partner from London, had an open English lesson for teachers. The project partners also visited the cutting and sewing departments at Be-Ge Baltic, met with deaf students from Klaipeda Dressmaking and services business school who had their internship at the sewing department.

The project partners were on the cultural trip to the Curonian Spit, a peninsula on the border between Lithuania and Russia on the Baltic Sea.

The project was funded by the European Commission.


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