Development from the customer perspective

The customer-driven production, that includes everything from construction and material solutions, customized orders, flexible sub suppliers to an effective communication, is a creative reality that we live today in. On basis of our recent customer satisfaction survey a coordination of the views and the expectations was made regarding sewing, upholstery and assembly activities. A high customer satisfaction is the praise that we feel proud of and that stimulates further development of the existing services and introduction of new ones:

“2014 was fantastic and we are grateful to have partners like Be-Ge Baltic to help our business grow.”
“Your production have a good quality supported by a well working control plan that detects both defects and react to prevent supply of failures to our selfs and our end customers. We see that you are concerned about and carry out a great responsibility for the business.”
“The fact we can speak Swedish with you is very helpful, we know your company thrue owners so the stability is important. For sure you have good quality and when doing business its about doing it with smile.”

The customers need both the production capacity and also new ideas within production that can generate more effective results. In line with our core activities of sewing, upholstery and assembly of seats, chairs and textile products, the needs and expertise in product development, prototyping, knowledge and experience of working with new materials are growing. Close cooperation with material and components suppliers is also very important to offer new solutions. The view from different design, function and production perspective together with product owners creates the new, simple and efficient upgrades of products that already have their positions in the market and develops new products that will find its place.

A huge driving force is in the small details that are recognized and developed.

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