Be-Ge Baltic’s Centennial hike

This September, for the eleventh time, we took our employees on a trip. While celebrating the Centennial of restored Lithuania, we decided to explore Baltic sea coast. Together we visited the Dutchman’s Cap, travelled along Litorina cognitive path, visited Kukuliškiai mound and lake Plaze, the coastal artillery battery Memel-Nord, heard about the secrets of catching amber. Being all together during the festive dinner was a great opportunity to thank our most distinguished employees for their loyalty, diligence, positive approach, engagement and excellent work results at Be-Ge Baltic.

The Be-Ge Baltic team once again congratulates Lithuania on centenary. We are happy to live and work in independent Lithuania! Marking this anniversary we joined the social campaign “One million oaks for Lithuania” and have planted a symbolic oak in front of our factory.

The Be-Ge Baltic congratulates Lithuania!

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