The healthiest company in Klaipeda

It’s already the third year in a row that Be-Ge Baltic UAB is participating in the health initiative, arranged by Klaipeda city health bureau, that includes a health examination and a dissemination of information about preventive health programs.
This year Be-Ge Baltic UAB was recognized the healthiest company in Klaipeda 2014. The award has been given with regard to health activities taken by the company and employees for their health and wellbeing and also to employee commitment and interest in health monitoring.
One of the main goals is to maintain a good working environment and act on the environment exceeding the legal requirements. In addition to the compulsory measures such as periodic health examinations, work safety, monitoring and elimination of risk factors, the company invests extra on workplace ergonomics, provides a supplemental insurance that can be used for sports activities, massages, dental care and etc. Training, opportunities to influence and improve their own work and work environment, common leisure activities such as annual trips, visits to cultural events create a positive microclimate and stimulate an involvement of employees that is a prerequisite for both the company’s and the individual’s wellbeing and health.


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