Teamwork will be growing in century woods

Social responsibility is a strategically important part of Be-Ge Baltic’s activities, which determines the sustainable development of the company. Every year, our employees meet to do good work for nature. This time we joined a long-term initiative of the whole Lithuania – “National Forest Planting 2024”. This year, Forest Planting was special – it was dedicated to the century of the Lithuanian Song Festival and 20th anniversary of Lithuania’s accession to NATO.

On a spring-like sunny, but still cool Saturday morning, our team met in the forest, where we planted almost 1,000 pine seedlings. It was a great opportunity not only to honor the centuries-old national traditions, to contribute to the increase of the country’s woodland, but also to get to know colleagues and their family members while working in a different than usual work environment. National Forest Planting – not only a tradition of reforestation, but also a symbol of unity. This year, volunteers planted more than 100 forests, as many as 15,000 participants and 150 company teams took part in this campaign.

Be-Ge Baltic, an industrial sewing and assembling company, encourages the team to contribute responsibly to a better tomorrow. We are excited, that from now on our joint work will grow in the young forest.

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