Sustainability Report for the Be-Ge Group

After being in business for more than 85 years, we are pleased and proud to present our first Sustainability Report.

The report describes the Group’s objectives within the various sustainability areas of environment, social factors and personnel, human rights and corruption. The report also presents the risks and impacts of operations in relation to these areas. The report is based on the financial year 2019-20, which will serve as the base year for following up the results for the coming year.

The report also describes how the Group’s sustainability aspects have been developed, as well as quantitative or qualitative information. To present a clear picture of the organization’s impact under each sustainability area, key figures and processes in the areas are presented. In addition, the report highlights the main operational risks for the Group within sustainability.

Be-Ge Företagen AB’s and its subsidiaries’ most important objectives are to create added value for customers, partners, employees and owners. Responsibility for the environment, social responsibility and personnel, human rights and business ethics that combat corruption 2 are, therefore, an important part of achieving the goals without conflicting with the Group’s ambitions for sustainable development.

Download to read more about our Sustainability Report.

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