Introductory tour for students who have chosen the seamstress profession

This September the students of the Klaipėda Technology Training Center (KTMC) visited BE-GE Baltic again. Continuing the great social partnership between the company and the school, the students who study to become seamstresses visited the company even twice.

On the 7th of September the company was visited by 21 students who decided to start learning the seamstress profession. The purpose of the tour was to see from close how the work of professional seamstresses is organized in an industrial sewing company. Moreover, on the 29th of September, we were visited by a group of students from the final course of the KTMC sewing program. The goal of these students is to choose a place of internship for their final studies, and then possibly a workplace.

During the tour students had the opportunity to see all the production processes in the company in real life. The students got acquainted with the warehouse of raw materials, the cutting department, the preparation of the components, sewing, quality control and assembling. In each of the processes, students actively and purposefully asked questions the production coordinator and the HR manager about the company’s activities and work organization. After the tour they were highly interested in the possibility of an internship and a workplace at BE-GE Baltic company in the future.

We are very happy that this tour gave a meaning to the long-term partnership between the school and the company. The visit of the students was valuable not only because some of the students expressed their will to return to the company as trainees the very same day, but also because the curiosity of a student who is just starting his career journey reminds us of the valuable experience and sustainable processes, we create in our work every day.

We hope that this acquaintance of students with BE-GE Baltic will result in new internship and professional stories. 

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