Honorable guests visit Be-Ge Baltic UAB

The Honorary Consulate of Sweden was opened in Be-Ge Baltic UAB five years ago. At the end of this year the new Ambassador of Sweden Inger Buxton visited Be-Ge Baltic UAB. She started to work in this role in September of 2020 and this was her first face-to-face meeting at the consulate and in our company.

We, Be-Ge Baltic UAB, were proud to have the opportunity to present our activities and the main services – industrial sewing, seat upholstery and assembly, to our guests.  Ambassador Inger Buxton and her team were interested in how we are maintaining our implemented LEAN system, quality management system and other company processes.

The well-known Swedish brands that are being manufactured in our factory were recognized by the guests from the Embassy of Sweden. Together with ambassador we are glad having long-term relationships with customers, which we have because of the high quality of our work and open cooperation.

We are proud to contribute to the strengthening the relations between Sweden and Lithuania not only as the Honorary Consulate of Sweden, which, among other things, provides assistance to Swedish citizens residing or traveling in Lithuania, but also through our daily work.

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