Competence development with EU support

Be-Ge Baltic, UAB, implements a project “Development of professional competence and skills of Be-Ge Baltic staff during the investments 2016-2019 by the initiative no. 09.4.3 EFSA-K-805 Human Resources Invest LT+”, financed by the EU structural funds. The aim of the project is to create and develop the required human resources competencies and to ensure the sustainable development of the company.

The planned training includes the development of new and existing skills to work with the template scanning, layout and cutting programs, optimization of production flows, improvement of purchase and stock management by extending the use of the enterprise resource planning system and good practice in the relevant areas and to develop other necessary skills.

The plan is to train 28 people during the project. The project budget is 134 165.84 Euro, of which 67 082.92 Euro are financed by EU structural funds.

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