Before the holiday

After the eventful year 2016 with construction, moving, opening, acclimatization to new premises and at the same time fast-growing sales, we are now installed properly and have established new routines “under the new roof”.
There was a challenging time. But we have managed to get fresh and nice workplaces, good flow in production and material handling, increased sales and more experience. The last half of the year is characterized by sales records for several consecutive months and intensive training for the staff. We have grown to over 100 employees and need new skills and tools to manage our business processes in the right working environment. Particular focus will be on improvements in production and collaboration between our different departments for even faster and more efficient communication.

The increasing demand for our products and our intensive work have resulted in a sales increase of about 34%. The high and vibrant pace has developed more durability and we are now even better equipped to take new steps forward. Before we continue, we will take a summer break and a well deserved vacation. Many thanks to all the staff and the partners, we have really done a good job and succeeded well!

A nice and relaxing summer to all of you!

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