Be-Ge Group shows support for local communities

Be-Ge group in Oskarshamn is well known not only in the business field, but also among the sports communities. Per Erik Persson, one of the owners of the Be-Ge group, constantly pays attention and supports local hockey and football teams. This year, Per Erik celebrated his honorable 90th anniversary, therefore, Oskarshamn Football Club gifted him somewhat unusual present – 90 footballs on that occasion. Per-Erik Persson got the ball number 90 and the rest of the balls were sent to Lithuania, Be-Ge Baltic UAB, which specializes in industrial sewing, upholstery of furniture parts and component assembly.

Since Be-Ge Baltic cares about the health of its staff and their families, one part of the balls was given to the children of the company’s employees from various departments, such as administration, cutting, sewing, upholstery of furniture cushions and component assembly, to encourage employees to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Following the values of the Be-Ge Group in creating a better environment, Be-Ge Baltic does not forget to take care of the community and its well-being, especially those who cannot take enough care of themselves. The remaining part of the balls was distributed to three children’s day care centers in Klaipeda and two schools for the children with disabilities. The managing director of Be-Ge Baltic Vaida Vaičaitienė together with the team members Dovilė Stonkuvienė and Kristina Sabaliauskaitė visited these centers and schools, met with children and the employees of those institutions, who sincerely enjoyed the unexpected attention.

Many thanks to Per Erik for sharing the gifts and joy with the Klaipeda community!

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