BE-GE Baltic Christmas of kindness

Although the new year has already started, it is still fun to share our impressions and remember the BE-GE Baltic Christmas period. It’s nice that in the Christmas rush we find time to cherish traditions and share kindness, spend time in community and get to know our colleagues better.

As every year, Christmas was traditionally marked not only by attention to our employees, but also by our support to various non-governmental organizations. In this difficult period, we believe it is important to support and maintain the meaningful work done by organizations that help Ukraine, as well as those that help vulnerable members of our society.

Therefore, it was not the first time that we contributed financially to the activities of the non-governmental organization Blue/ Yellow. We regularly support the Lithuanian Red Cross and the youth emergency number Jaunimo Linija. We value our long-term partnership and also support socially sensitive groups, namely the Deaf comunity as well as Deaf and Sign Language Interpreter Center in Klaipėda, the Family and Child Welfare Center in Klaipėda, and the Association for People with Down Syndrome and their Guardians.

We truly believe that social responsibility goes hand in hand with the operations of our company in the effort to contribute to society’s well-being and to create positive changes together.

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