About Be-Ge Baltic UAB

The company was established in 1995 as a family business and in 2002 started cooperation with Be-Ge Industry AB in Sweden and Be-Ge Jany A/S in Denmark, becoming a qualified supplier for these companies. In 2006 the Swedish holding company Be-Ge Företagen AB acquired 80% of shares in the restructured Be-Ge Amersanas UAB.

Larger facility

The activities are relocated to larger and newly build facility. The increased production area provides greater capacity for cutting, sewing, upholstery and sub-contracting assembly.
Be-Ge Baltic UAB building byggnad

In 2008

In 2008 Be-Ge Företagen AB bought the remaining 20% of the shares in the company and Be-Ge Amersanas UAB became a fully affiliated company. The company was renamed into Be-Ge Baltic UAB in 2010. The development has been especially rapid over the last years and the company has built a new factory near the international port of Klaipeda.
The company’s main activities include industrial sewing as well as partial and final assembly of components on a sub-contracting basis. The company sews slipcovers and protective covers, makes upholstery and assembly of soft parts of seats for customers within manufacturing sectors. These range from vehicle, office, conference, audience, surveillance chairs, vehicle interiors, wheelchairs, furniture to other industrial activity within the textile sectorhe.

Skilled personnel

With skilled personnel, Swedish and English speaking management, as well as low turnover of personnel create circumstances for flexible production, high quality and high supply precision. At present the company employs 98 employees.

Long term customer relations

Our advantageous points such as financial stability, experience and knowledge have resulted in the company’s long term customer relations.

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