A traditional BE-GE Baltic community trip on summer

Every year it seems that summer is too short. For three months, we try to enjoy every day, and with autumn the routines comes, which makes it easier to plan our works and leisure.

The Be-Ge Baltic community set aside September 16, a still warm summer Saturday, to go on a traditional company excursion. This excursion is a gift from the company to the employees, to accompany them symbolically during the summer.

This was the 14th trip for the entire staff, this year. We usually say that we are already experienced travelers and that we start to miss regions of Lithuania that we have not explored yet, so this year, taking into account the suggestions of our colleagues, we decided to travel to the neighboring country of Latvia, the region of Kurzeme.

During the trip we learned a lot about Latvia’s history, architecture and culinary heritage. Latvia’s nature made a special impression on us.

The journey back didn‘t take so long, as all employees participated in fun quizzes, with questions created by each department of the company. In accordance with tradition, we honored and rewarded the employees who this year were highly motivated and engaged in their work and in solving team challenges.

After the trip, we are still sharing pleasant impressions and are looking forward to next year’s anniversary, 15th excursion.

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