Welcome to Be-Ge Baltic UAB
Be-Ge Baltic UAB provides industrial sewing, partial and final assembly of components on subcontracting. We make everything tailor made for automotive and furniture components. The company is placed in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Construction and Patterning
Be-Ge Baltic UAB can offer knowledge within construction and patterning. Our staff can receive prepared patterns in both file and paper formats as well as make new ones. Be-Ge Baltic UAB can also offer development of new covers to vehicle, office and surveillance chairs as well other furniture.
Cutting and Industrial Sewing
Be-Ge Baltic offers cutting by product and material type: computerized cutting of fabrics, artificial leather and laminated fabrics; manual cutting of patterned fabrics and leather. Cutting precision leads to efficient sewing in small and large series for vehicle seats, office and conference chairs, vehicle interiors, furniture and other industrial textile products.
Upholstery and Assembly
Be-Ge Baltic delivers upholstered and assembled chairs and seats for the automotive and furniture industries. Complete solutions with all components can be offered to deliver the higher added value for customers.
Geographical location and logistics
Be-Ge Baltic UAB is well placed geographically in Klaipeda, the most northern ice-free harbor in the Baltic States. Klaipeda is the only harbor in Lithuania and is an important transport hub.
The Be-Ge Group
The Be-Ge Group is a family-owned group of companies with operations in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Lithuania, The Netherlands and Germany. The Group comprises of several business areas such as Be-Ge Seating Division, Be-Ge Component Division and Be-Ge Vehicle Division.

Flexible production, high quality
and high supply precision

With skilled personnel, Swedish and English speaking management, as well as low turnover of personnel create circumstances for flexible production, high quality and high supply precision.

Industrial Sewing

The company specializes in sewing of rougher types of textiles used for manufacturing truck, bus, train, boat, office and surveillance chairs and auditorium chairs.

Upholstery and Assembly

The Company performs upholstery and assembly for vehicle seats, office and surveillance chairs and furniture. We also do partial and final assembly of other textile components.

The complete process

The Company delivers the complete process with all working operations, materials and components that creates products solutions with higher added value for the customers.
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pramoninis siuvimas/ industriell sömnad/ industrial sewing / siuvimas/ sömnad/ sewing



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