Construction and Patterning

Be-Ge Baltic UAB Construction and patterning is always based on certain requirements for a product to fulfill clearly defined functions. A customer’s wishes go firstly to our construction and patterning department where a product is developed.

We maintain a close contact with our customers in this stage of the process. Ideas and approaches develop and get shaped through a dialogue.

  • Taking measurements
  • Preparing patterns
  • Developing cutting layout
  • Calculating raw material costs

Digital Cutting systems

With the computer based Zund Cutting system and Lectra Data Cutting system, the staff can receive prepared patterns in both file and paper formats as well as make new ones depending on a customer’s needs. Patterns can be made in different ways, for example, the customer can deliver measurements and samples or request the company to take measurements.

Be-Ge Baltic UAB may offer integrated production solutions required for the end product.